Useful Tips for hiring and working with a Contractor

These tips are intended as a helpful guide to assist you in gathering information to consider when hiring a contractor or service professional. Please understand that you are solely responsible for your decision on who to hire for your specific project(s). assumes no liability for your project or your outcome.

Tips for ConsumersWhen seeking an Automotive Service Professional for your specific need, it is key to seek out those businesses that have a good reputation. It's easy to find out which garages are service-oriented and do top quality work. Simply ask around. Once you find someone you're happy with, you'll enjoy the benefit of knowing that you will be taken care of in an ongoing, mutually beneficial manner. That level of trust and familiarity will work to both you and your chosen automotive garage.

Tips for ConsumersFor Commercial projects, we recommend using local companies if at all possible. Having someone local means you have a direct line to the status of your project and often, local companies equal lesser costs.

Tips for ConsumersFor Homeowners, using a reputable local contractor or service professional just makes sense. Local business owners have a personal interest in doing business with you. Many contractors and homeowners end up having friendly, mutually beneficial on-going business relationships where trust and familiarity work to benefit both parties.

Tips and ideas for hiring contractors for residential projects.

1. Start with a list of potential companies to work with.

2. Once you've assembled your list of potentials, give each one a quick call and complete a phone interview. Click here to download a printable form to use for the phone interview with each potential contractor.

3. After narrowing down your list, do some checking and verification.

4. Check the references provided.

5. After checking references, checking facts and process of elimination, request to meet face to face with your remaining candidates for estimates and further discussion of project details.

6. Get bids from those remaining contractors who seem like a good potential fit for you and your project.

7. Don't let price be your only guide.

8. Ask for proof of insurance.

9. Obtain a signed, written contract with the PA Registration number on it (if your project is a home improvement project).

10. Stick with the original plans.

11. Pay by check.

12. Make the final payment only when the job is completed in accordance to the contract and to your satisfaction.

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